Internal communication channels & Feedback

If you have certain concerns, suggestions or problems, this is the way to go to share them:

  • Contact the relevant team manager or general manager. Looking for the right contact details? No worries these can be found here.
  • You can put an item on the agenda of one of the following meetings:
    • OVO Update (alternating general update & thematic meeting): monthly
    • Board of Directors: 4 times a year
    • Team Matchmaking: 6x per year
    • Communication & events: 2-weekly
    • Staff meeting: 1x week & 1x per quarter a strategic meeting (Team Africa & Team Belgium)
    • Projects:
      • Monthly: per country (Nathalie - country coordinators & coaches)
      • Weekly: with country coordinators (ST4A campaigns - led by Nathalie) & with local staff (monitoring ongoing projects - led by Matyas)


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