Essymart promotes access to farming resources, support and markets

100% financed
Already raised € 15.000
Requested budget 2023 € 15.000

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Project information
Project code
D2 2023
Agriculture & Food industry
Mayuge, Uganda

The entreprise

Essymart Africa is an agri-tech social enterprise that provides technological solutions to promote food security and improve farmers' quality of life. Essymart sources quality and affordable local agricultural inputs from certified suppliers and manufacturers and delivers them to smallholder farmers in rural Uganda through a network of rural agents and virtual extension through the use of a web application, bulk SMS and voice call. 

The business project

Essymart has the following plans:

  • By 2030, they aim to serve 100,000 smallholder farmers and ensure each farmer generates a minimum net revenue of €1500 per year.
  • They aim to increase farmers' income by 40% and enhance food security in the country. Additionally, they plan to create job opportunities for 20 direct employees and 50 indirect employees.
  • To expand the number of smallholder farmers to at least 5,000, leading to increased sales for their B2B2C operations.
  • They aim to establish strong networks with farmers' groups, village saving groups, financial institutions, NGOs, and off-takers.

Why OVO believes in this project

Essymart is made up of a team of farming enthusiasts and agricultural professionals working in Uganda who aim to digitize the agricultural value chain. Their business model is designed to build a more equitable ecosystem.  

The team invests time and human resources in communities to deeply understand local user needs and markets.  


The business model of the company aims to help smallholder farmers protect themselves from dishonest people selling fake seeds and from middlemen who offer unfair prices.  


It does this by teaching them modern farming techniques and helping them grow higher-quality products. This way, smallholder farmers can earn more money and become more resilient. 

Requested investment

To implement this initiative, a 15,000-euro investment is needed for purchasing a delivery van and a motorcycle.  

These transportation assets are crucial for efficient and timely delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction. With these vehicles, the enterprise can effectively reach its target market and support smallholder farmers, leading to increased income and improved livelihoods.  


This investment plays a vital role in the overall success and sustainability of the business model. 

  • Farm to Fork
  • Quality
  • Gemeenschapsvormend
  • Income generating
  • Smartphone technology
  • Safe food
  • Empowerment
  • Agriculture
  • Well-being

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